This happened today… Time to (finally) get in shape 😁💪 #goodlifefitness

Lunch ☺️ #vegan #whatveganseat #smoothie #bruschetta

Going through Withdrawals lol tawny is such a good cat! (And super adorable too)

Enjoying a strawberry, peach, orange & chia seed smoothie on my balcony 😊 #smoothie #vegan #goodmorning ☀️

I love buying new scrubs!! 😊

Seriously might cry when you go back home 😿 #love


Friends 😸 #catsitting

Walking around downtown :)

Made the best bruschetta of my life.. #vegan #whatveganseat #bruschetta


That moment when you have to say “I’m allergic” instead of “I’m vegan” in a non-vegan restaurant, because

A) The staff doesn’t know what a vegan is and
B) They handle your food with much more care when you say you’re allergic to something than when you say that you’re a vegan.


Vegan Bacon Pancakes - As Requested!


Mixed Berry, Carrot, Orange Smoothie (1 cup orange juice, 2 carrots, 2/3 cup frozen mixed berries) topped with granola and goji berries.